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Topsfield, MA, August 2011 – In August of 2011 SI-TECH INC. announced that it will add graphene nanoplatelets to their list of products and services offered. After several months of exploring and learning about this exciting product, the company felt that it could help bring, expand the awareness and market graphene. SI-TECH is looking to branch out further in to the nanotechnology field.

Graphene is a member of the class of 2 dimensional materials consisting of hexagonal arrays of sp2 – bonded carbon atoms. Its thickness is only one (1) atom. It would take over one million sheets of graphene laying on top of each other to make a thickness of (1) one millimeter. Graphene can come in many shapes and sizes. Today, the most common versions of graphene are small wafers, powder and long nanosheet platelets. In time, SI-TECH will be looking to expand the graphene line of products to include small wafers and eventually go to graphene sheets.

SI-TECH was incorporated in 1985 to sell silicon wafers and services. It is one of the oldest silicon wafer broker firms in existence. From 50.8mm (2”) to 300mm (12”) SI-TECH sells any type and grade of silicon wafer. SI-TECH has agents in Ashburton Australia, Galiante Italy, and Franconville France. These representatives will help promote graphene nanoplatelets to their respective areas of operation.

For more information on graphene, and its uses, go to SI-TECH’s web page at www.si-tech.com

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